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Reef Check Liveaboard Safari- Philippines

Reef-Check-EcoReef Check founder Dr. Gregor Hodgson will be your host for this 6-night liveaboard safari in the Southern Visayas, Philippines. Take the FREE Eco-Diver certification course and you can begin to monitor and survey the reefs of the region.

During the trip you will have the opportunity to learn how to scientifically survey a coral reef using the global standard Reef Check technique. Greg teaches how to monitor coral reefs by using a set of 30 predefined indicators and as Reef Check is a non-profit organisation, all materials will be provided by the Siren Fleet. Upon successful completion of the course you will receive a certification card allowing you to participate in future Reef Check survey expeditions anywhere in the Indo Pacific.

Join the Philippine Siren and discover more of the Philippines

Truk Lagoon


The Siren Fleet is now offering 7-night and 10-night liveaboard safaris to dive the wrecks and reefs of Truk Lagoon. Officially known as Chuuk, this tiny group of islands in the Federated States of Micronesia, is home to some of the best wreck diving sites in the world. With over 61 sites, divers will be spoiled for choice!

Our liveaboard trips are suitable for divers of all levels however the S/Y Truk Siren will be refitted to offer superior quality and service to Tec- Deep divers wishing to explore the deeper wrecks that can be found within the lagoon.

Read More about our Truk Liveaboard & Check Available Dates


Palau Spawning Trips

Palau Siren: Full Moon and New Moon spawning adventures with Unique Expeditions

The Siren Fleet has teamed up with Paul Collins and Richard Barnden of Sam’s Tours Unique Expeditions to offer you some of the most extraordinary dives in Palau during Full and New Moon. Bumphead Parrotfish spawning and huge aggregations of Red Snappers that attract sharks such as Oceanic Blacktip and Bull Sharks.

For night dive lovers, Paul and Richard have pioneered “Blackwater” diving. Watch one of the largest migrations on earth of tiny weird and wonderful creatures from the depths head closer to the surface to feed.

All those phenomena are something only a select few people ever get to witness and you can now be one of them! All this at no extra cost!

Join the S/Y Palau Siren on selected dates. Spaces are limited!

master liveaboards final strapline

golapagos-masterWorldwide Dive and Sail, owners and operators of the Siren Fleet, introduces you a brand new fleet of choice for diving the world's most exciting destinations! First on the list: Galapagos and French Polynesia!

Click here for further information!

Liveaboard Diving in Asia & the Pacific

frank-02Worldwide Dive and Sail owns and operates the Siren Fleet of 5 luxury liveaboards,  diving Indonesia, the Philippines, Palau and Fiji,with new destination Truk Lagoon soon to be added in November 2014
Each liveaboard yacht is designed and built by our team in Indonesia, specifically with divers in mind; ensuring we are able to maintain the highest standards of comfort, convenience and safety throughout the entire fleet. Our liveaboard quality and standards are matched by our crew who provide a level of personal and attentive service that will make your time aboard any of our liveaboard yachts truly memorable.

Our aim is simple; to push dive industry standards and provide our guests with an unsurpassed liveaboard diving experience.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard!


Bumpheads-Spawning-Close-reDive Palau Islands from Koror

6, 7 & 10 night safaris, from 2800 Euro
Diving in Palau just gets morte exciting with each Siren Fleet trip. Not only do we see grey reef and white tip reef sharks during each liveaboard safari, but now our crew regularly spot silver tips and leopard sharks and bull shark sightings are becoming more frequent. A tiger shark and whale shark have been seen too. Palau is really a divers paradise with wrecks, reefs, caverns and coral gardens to choose from. Add to that the stunning Jelly Fish Lake, Mantas in German Channel, Nautilus at Short Drop Off and bumphead parrotfish spawning and you've got yourself an awesome dive vacation!  DIVE SITE HIGHLIGHTS

Add to that the stunning Jelly Fish Lake, Mantas in German Channel and Nautilus at Short Drop Off. As well as Bumphead parrotfish spawning and huge Red Snapper aggregations during our special Full and New Moon trips. You’ve got yourself an awesome dive vacation!

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Fiji Siren goes "Beyond the Bligh"

Dive with hammerhead sharks and schools of grey reef sharks, marvel at the manta rays, cruise through a colourful kaleidescope of corals, enjoy stunning sunsets and visit the islands for traditional ceremonies and basking in the cool waterfalls of the Bouma National Park. Fiji will truly leave you speechless - and yet we can't stop talking about it! Read our cruise director blogs for more info on the latest sightings. BULA

Photo Trips

Photo-tripSiren Fleet hosts year round underwater photography workshops escorted with professional underwater photographer over a variety of locations


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Built by divers for divers, Siren Fleet Liveaboards offer outstanding quality of service, comfort and safety.

We pride ourselves on having some of the best staff in the industry, all dedicated to ensuring you achieve the perfect diving vacation.

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