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Here at Siren Fleet we are proud of our service record and satisfied customers. Here are just a hand full of the customer testimonials from happy divers. Have you been on one of our liveabaoard boats? Leave us a testimonial and we’ll get it on our testimonials page as soon as we can.

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The best Crew i ever had on a Liveaboard

Thank you very much for this very beautiful and lovely trip. I had a lot of fun and the crew was excellent and so helpful. I think it’s the best crew in World!

Curdin Bisaz December 7, 2015

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Have had a truly wonderful and memorable trip

The boat and crew are terrific. Very very happy that we came to Palau and dived with Palau Siren, will highly recommend to others.

Shannon Earnshaw December 3, 2015

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OMG!!! I couldn’t t have been happier…

…or felt more well taken care of. This was my first dive trip, and I felt tended to, to the point of nothing else will ever compare. Everyone was attentive to every step in my progression from absolute newbie, to more aware newbie as I’m starting to learn the ropes. Special thanks for attention to special dietary needs, and bitter melon special request. The woman that greeted us in Donsol was so warm and friendly, I immediately felt at ease with her warmth, and delightful laughter. The boat was beautiful, relaxing, and the warm showers were a lovely treat after dives. Everything was idyllic.

Lynne Caryl Donsol November 29, 2015

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I always felt secure and comfortable with the crew members. Excellent!

anonymous November 28, 2015

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The crew on this boat was amazing and exceeded all expectations.

Unlike other boats they were talkative, interactive and very friendly. Our dive guide was happy and hilariously funny.

Sanna Persson November 28, 2015

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Three Siren voyages where the crew have all been of the same excellent standards. Well Done!

Philip Cording November 16, 2015

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Awesome staff- very friendly and welcoming

Very attentive staff. It was great to be greeted with a smile, fresh drink and warm towel after diving. Super thankful that all of the staff were so friendly and kind. Thank you for making such a HUGE attempt at making Gluten Free food. I really appreciated all the effort to show me which foods were safe for me to eat. The garlic bread with dinner was awesome! Loved all the soups and fresh veggie/fruit options. The 2nd to last dinner was the bomb! Thanks again Joe for making sure I was taken care of.

Brittany Elizabeth Tate November 16, 2015

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The entire crew is very hard working and helpful and friendly and fun…

…perhaps the best I have ever dove with. Lots of nice touches such as the chef describing the dinners, the towels, the dive suits washed after each dive, beverages after each dive, hot towels after the night dive, the singing and music from the crew, Semi’s laugh and Ben’s laugh too, Rani’s briefings were suitably brief yet covered what we needed, Rani is an engaging cruise director and we enjoyed him, all of the crew were OUTSTANDING we can’t say enough good things about them. Much Vinaka from John and Penny.

John Davies November 9, 2015

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The crew was super helpful!

Some of the very best in the industry

anonymous October 29, 2015

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While the diving is paramount to a great experience, the crew is as well

Enough cannot be said about the quality of this crew. The crew was outstanding, catered to every need and extremely personable. They worked tirelessly to ensure we had a great experience and did so always with a smile. This also includes Ana and Star who worked nonstop to ensure we were well taken care of. Certainly one of the best crew Ii have had on the many liveboards I’ve done.

Claudia Gertrud, Woolner October 29, 2015

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