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Here at Siren Fleet we are proud of our service record and satisfied customers. Here are just a hand full of the customer testimonials from happy divers. Have you been on one of our liveabaoard boats? Leave us a testimonial and we’ll get it on our testimonials page as soon as we can.

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I cannot stress enough how accommodating the staff and crew were for me

Friendly, helpful and caring crew is so important. I also loved the amount of laughter from the crew which indicates how happy they are.

Juliet Lanphear July 17, 2015

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Our dive guide was a very experienced & proficient dive leader…

… and a joy to dive with, he found so much on the walls and reefs. Indeed, he went out of his way to find all the little and unusual things that make a dive trip special.

Terence Bedson July 9, 2015

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I would recommend this boat to anyone

I have not been on a diving live aboard before,but have been on many other boats and ships. The crew on the Fiji Siren was the best that I can remember. I know that it is their profession, however they took it to another level. All of the crew were super friendly and helpful ALL of the time.They were on the spot whenever something was needed. All aspects of this operation are top notch. I would recommend this boat to anyone.

Doak Smith June 28, 2015

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Thank you very much, the crew was friendly and helpful.

The crew was very very nice, and our dive guide excellent lovely, I mean lovely to the ocean and the plant and fishes. The room was cleaned every day and the towels as well, that is important to me. The rest of the crew was very helpful as well helping to come in and out the water and filling the tanks, etc

Angela, Haehnsen Uetz June 4, 2015

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The crew members were very friendly and nice

They always made sure that we would enjoy our dives. Thank you so much for taking care of me. 🙂

Tipawan Hyson February 27, 2015

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I’m impressed by your professionalism, very well thought through.

Food has been fabulous!! Hats off for the chef! The breakfast on the vessel was better than most hotel I have been on, the chef clearly has a sence of pride and honour in his job, this is important and valued by me. It is encouraging to see that a dive operation takes this serious the safety on board, it re-confirms your proffesionalism and commitment to safety.

Johan Ohlsson February 27, 2015

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We will definitely book another Siren trip an will highly recommend your boats

Lita was fabulous, She was always available and ready to do anything she could for us, Rain also did a great job as did the entire boat crew. Our skiff driver Geeno was very skilled and also did a great job. Nick was also fun and a good dm. This is our 15th liveaboard trip in addition to many land based resorts and overall this boat was one of the best we have been on.

Schiendelman Robin January 27, 2015

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Where do I begin….I interfaced with Diego the most

He was the most amazing dive instructor and guide I have had the pleasure of diving with. He always made me feel very comfortable and made it a point to go the extra mile to make sure we saw all the ocean had to show us. He is a amazing diver and an excellent teacher – I learned many things from Diego and am a significantly better diver because of it. I would be honored to dive with Diego again and he made my trip . The diving was spectacular but Diego made my Palau trip. Five star Diego, five star. You the man. June was our skiff driver and he was most excellent. Always a smile and super quick to take care of you. Giving you his jacket to keep you warm after a dive. Helping you with equipment. June handled that boat like a professional. Very comfortable whenever we got in the boat. June is the sheit! Another five star crew member. I also dove with Earle and Nick on my boat. They took care of the other divers but I had great interactions with both of them. Nick always was happy and making everyone relaxed and comfortable. He was super easy to talk with and I had many fantastic dinner conversations with Nick and Earle and Diego – seriously the best crew. The best. Give them all a raise. They made the trip. Diego, Nick, Earle, June. Epic. Thank you guys – you all rock and really made this a lifetime experience. Val handled all my booking details and she was fantastic. Nick and June picked us up at the hotel and they were great as well. Instantly felt comfortable and excited to be here! Diego was great welcoming everyone to the boat, going over the facilities and rooms, and doing the safety drills. Diego, Nick, Earle, June, Lita, Rain are awesome – everyone else was awesome too but those were the people I interacted with all the time. Diego is the very best. Thank you!!!”

Johns, Jennifer Diane January 27, 2015

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Palau Siren is one of the best laid out and equipped dive boats I have been on

The cabins are large with fantastic storage. The open air dining was excellent. The staff are outstanding. They could not be more friendly and helpful. Everyone was always ready to help. Diving I felt I was in excellent hands with both Vernie and Nick as dive guides.

Joyce Diane January 27, 2015

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