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Frequently asked questions

Planning your Diving Trip with Siren Fleet Liveaboards

At Worldwdive and Sail and the Siren Fleet we hope to make your dive trip planning go as smoothly as possible. Much of the information you will need can be found on our website and our reservations team are on hand to answer your questions. However we have compiled a short list of the most commonly asked questions about liveaboard diving and the Siren Fleet in general, in an effort to make your life that little bit easier! There are individual destination FAQs on our Travel Advice pages – please check those for more in depth answers to specific destinations which you may have

1. Why dive with the Siren Fleet?

With the plethora of liveboards that have sprung up around the world there are consequently varying levels of service and quality on offer to the modern diver. Ranging from good, hit and miss, to seriously dodgy or even worse, the unsafe. Siren Fleet liveaboards are all built by our team, with input from the company owners so that every thought for divers is taken into account. We provide innovative facilities and the highest level of service that is both professional yet personal. Safety is a major concern for our company and is always placed first, both through the emergency equipment that is available and the thorough training of our crews. We also regulate our trip rates, in order to offer affordable high standards; making a price comparison with other yachts in our cruise destinations, Siren Fleet is certainly a lower cost option. Ultimately, all our crew look forward to warmly welcome you aboard one of our yachts.

2. What should I bring on a Liveaboard Diving Safari?

We recommend that you bring as little as possible. Personal clothing items including bathing suit, t-shirts, shorts, a sweater and light cotton trousers for cooler evenings. There is a laundry facility on board each yacht for your convenience. For sun protection, please bring sunscreen & a hat. You may wish to bring your personal diving gear however if you prefer we provide a full complement of Aqua Lung equipment free of charge (except dive computer and torch).Shoes are not required whilst on board but you might require sturdy sandals for land excursions. Shower gels are provided in your cabin however please bring any other personal amenities or required medicationwith you as these may not be available at your local destination. For your own leisure you may wish to bring reading material, we do have a library selection & games on board each of our yachts as well.

3. I don't own any dive equipment. What can you provide?

We provide all guests with the option to use our Aqua Lung dive equipment. We offer for FREE the use of 3mm wetsuits, Aqualung Wave BCD’s, Calypso regulators and full or open heel fins with booties. If you wish to use our fins it may be worth bringing along some neoprene socks to prevent blisters / rubbing. We have a large variety of sizes to suit any guests needs. Please note your equipment requirements on the application form ahead of arrival. We have dive computers and underwater lights available for rental for a nominal daily fee.

4. I wish to dive on Nitrox for the duration of my trip. Is this possible?

Of course, this is not a problem. All certified Enriched Air Nitrox divers may dive on Nitrox mix of up to 32% throughout the trip and we provide this service FREE of charge. If you are not a certified user you have the option to take a short PADI course with one of our on board instructors and continue to dive on Nitrox for the duration of the cruise.

5. What kind of food and beverages are served on your liveaboard yachts?

Our dishes are a mix of Asian, ranging from mild Thai, Filipino and Indonesian dishes, to Western cuisine. We have a variety of fresh fruit available at all times on all of our liveaboards. We ensure that all dishes are served with the freshest vegetables and highest quality seafood and meats available. There is always a range of main dishes served at each meal time to ensure that all guests are satisfied and full! Guests may help themselves throughout the day and night to a variety of soft drinks, purified water, juices, herbal teas and fresh brewed coffee. Rehydration/ mineral salts are available free of charge and recommended to all divers. For after diving, we offer beer FREE of charge and you may also select wines or spirits from our cocktail bar.

6. What if I have specific food requirements?

All special food requirements, whether from an allergy or simply personal preference, can be catered for by our chefs. As it is not always possible to source specific food items in remote locations, please inform our reservations team well ahead of your cruise departure date to ensure we have plenty of options to suit your needs.

7. What kind of power outlets do you have on your diving yachts?

On all our liveaboard yachts we have both 220V / 50Hz and 24V / 60Hz available. Power points require European style, 2 round pin plugs, a small selection of adapters are available on board, however we recommend you bring a universal adapter with you. 110V converter is also available aboard our vessels.

8. How many dives can I do in one day?

Guests are always encouraged to dive at their own pace. We schedule up to 4 dives per day on each of our liveaboard itineraries, though in some areas we are able to accommodate more dives should guests wish. Safety remains a priority regarding multiple dives in a day and all guests are required to use a dive computer and to follow it conservatively. We offer Enriched Air Nitrox FREE of charge for all certified users.

9. Do I have to dive with a Siren Fleet dive guide?

For each of our dives we offer a guide to enhance your enjoyment, dive groups and buddy teams are arranged dependent on experience & diver needs. Our dive guides can often point out the small critter subjects that you might otherwise miss or assist you in finding a specific creature on your wish list. Our Cruise Directors provide a detailed briefing before every dive, allowing those with more experience the option to plan your dive with your buddy & dive independently from our guides. Our tenders remain out on standby keeping watch until the last divers have returned. So the choice is yours… its your holiday, dive it your way!

10. Is there a required level of dive certification or experience to join your liveaboard trips?

All levels of divers are welcome aboard our yachts. Whether it be complete beginners to experienced dive professionals, we will cater for your dive needs. However, for some destinations we do recommend that Open Water divers consider pursuing the Advanced Open Water course before or during the trip. This will allow the diver to increase their knowledge and experience of diving, as well as enabling the diver to get the most out of their dives. If you have not dived in some time a refresh dive in a pool to practice skills is a great way to ensure you are ready for your trip. Please review each destination itinerary and dive site descriptions to make the most informed choice but remember you do not have to make every dive that is offered! There are plenty of other activities on our liveaboards to keep you entertained, such as kayaking or massage.

11. What is the custom regarding tipping the staff and crew?

Tipping is a matter of personal choice and is not obligatory on any Siren Fleet yacht. However if you feel our crew have made your holiday extra special then a gratuity is always appreciated and are shared equally amongst the on board crew. An envelope will be provided at the end of your cruise should you wish to show your appreciation. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept crew tips via credit card so they are cash only. All major currencies are accepted and appreciated.

12. What tanks are available for guest use?

Our tanks are 12l / 80 cubic feet aluminium and filled to 200bar / 3000psi. We have a small quantity of 15l tanks available on each liveaboard, pre booking is required and can be requested on you online application form or to our reservations team at the time of booking.

13. I use a DIN regulator. Do I need an adapter?

The tank valves on all of our yachts are both International and DIN, and DIN regulators may be used without the need to bring an additional adapter.

14. Does the cruise price include Dive & Cancellation Insurance?

Insurance is not included in your cruise price, however, please note that dive insurance is mandatory for diving activities with the Siren Fleet. Whilst incidents are seldom and can be avoided, our cruises often operate in remote locations therefore we ask all of our guests to please ensure they have adequate insurance coverage for medical evacuation and recompression treatment. Non-divers do not need to be covered for diving, however, you must be able to show that your travel insurance has adequate medical evacuation coverage. We also highly recommend each guest purchase comprehensive travel insurance to cover you for non-dive related incidents, illness or travel cancellations. Siren Fleet works in partnership with DiveAssure to offer you a selection of competitively priced dive and travel insurance policies, including short term and multiple trip policies. These policies can also be purchased with a ‘Liveaboard Rider’ that covers you above and beyond standard travel insurance, for example, missing your liveaboard departure due to a missed travel connection or lost diving days due to illness of a fellow passenger. If you require insurance please ask for more information at the time of reservation and a full list of options will be emailed to you, or click here for more information.

15. Safety is obviously a priority for many travellers. How do you address this issue?

Worldwide Dive and Sail have what we feel is one of the most comprehensive systems in regard to the safety of both our guests and crew. Over many years we have built an Operations Manual and Ship Management System that is continually revised and updated, not only with current accepted procedures and knowledge, but also in response to any real life incidents encountered on our vessels. Our crews are also first aid trained so in the event of an incident at sea we can handle most eventualities. We have a comprehensive first aid kit, including larger equipment such as crutches and stretchers as well as oxygen and oxygen delivery kits for dealing with diving or in water related injuries. There are also now on all vessels Automated Electronic Defibrillators (AED’s) that are prominently displayed in public areas. To assist in the event that we need to use any of our first aid training and equipment we also have emergency action plans for all foreseeable eventualities. As you will see if you join one of our cruises we also carry out regular drills with our crews including; – Fire Drill – Hull Breach – Abandon Ship / Muster Stations (Lifejackets) – Man overboard – Underwater diver recall

16. How do you monitor your safety policies?

We have a WWDAS Safety Officer whose remit is to make sure that not only do we carry relevant emergency equipment but also that staff members are trained to use it properly in the event of incidents and that they use best practices to ensure both theirs and our guests safety at all times. All incidents, no matter how big or small, on-board our vessels are reviewed and acted upon, with safety of all people on-board, both crew and guests, held as our highest priority. We feel that as a larger company we have not only vessels and staff that offer cruises of the highest standard, but also the ability to ensure we have the best equipment and training that ensures that we offer the highest standards of safety of any liveaboard vessels currently operating.

17. What can I expect with regards to in-water safety?

For the safety of our guests in the water, everyone is provided with a surface marker buoy and all vessels have underwater recall systems that can be deployed in case of an emergency. Our zodiacs or skiffs are always around for surface support when our divers are in the water. Our skiff drivers are trained to navigate cautiously around any diving area.

18. I wish to dive on my own rebreather. Do you support rebreather diving?

All Siren Fleet Liveaboards are rebreather friendly. We have pure oxygen filling facilities, with booster pumps, and can provide sofnolime or sorb dependent on your requirements. Unit specific tanks are NOT always available in each of our locations and where possible should be brought with you. Pre-booking is essential to ensure the correct equipment is available. All rebreather divers are required to adhere to local depth regulations, however we do allow for longer bottom time to increase your diving enjoyment.

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