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    Combine all the favourites from the Southern Visayas itinerary with Malapascua Island for thresher sharks and more! 10-night and 12-night trips start and finish in Mactan completing a cruise around Cebu.

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Malapascua, Philippines
S/Y Philippine Siren

In a diver's mind, Malapascua is often directly linked with thresher shark encounters and with almost guaranteed daily sightings on Monad Shoal it is not surprising. But there is more to Malapascua than just the threshers, especially when it is combined with the delights that the Visayas have to offer.

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Please note that it is not allowed to use strobes and/or flash on the following dive sites:
- Dive with Whale Sharks in Oslob - to protect the sensitive eyes of whale sharks
- Monad Shoal Dive with Thresher Sharks

Malapascua Dive sites

The following sites will also be visited during our Malapascua extension

Monad Shoal, Malapascua Island

Monad Shoal, Malapascua Island

Is one of the few dive spots in the World where the shy pelagic thresher sharks may be seen on a daily basis. Divers rest at approximately 25m (90ft) on the sandy bottom to watch the sharks approach and be cleaned. Other visitors to the shoal include manta, devil and eagle rays. Diving with Nitrox is recommended to enjoy extended bottom time.

No strobes and flash light allowed at Monad Shoal

Chocolate Island

Chocolate Island

This little island has the typical topography around Malapascua area. The shallow tops full of soft corals and algae are home for different kinds of nudibranchs. The shallow bottom of maximum 16 m (50ft) around this island is the perfect spot for odd shaped bottom dwellers like bearded scorpionfish, devil scorpionfish and dwarf cuttlefish but also many different kinds of sea stars, sea urchins with their urchin clingfish inside, black velutinid and ringed pipefish can be found.

White Tip Alley, Gato Island

White Tip Alley, Gato Island

As the name suggests this dive site provides an almost guaranteed sighting of white tip reef sharks that enjoy their rest on the sand tucked under rocks and coral bommies. Other species found here include scorpion fish and seahorses. Pygmy seahorses may also be found too as well as whip coral shrimps which cling to the colourful whip corals adorning the overhangs of the island.

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