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Incident History

Siren Incident History

Due to the recent loss of Fiji Siren questions have, understandably, been raised in people’s minds who may have bookings already, or who are looking at booking but now have concerns. While, as the operators, we are on the inside and know that our previous incidents are all unrelated and were not caused through lack of maintenance or unsafe practices, this is not always clear to the outside world. As such we want to provide concise and candid information that will answer questions people may have.

Siren Fleet has what we feel is one of the most comprehensive protocols in regard to the safety of both our guests and crew. Over many years we have built an Operations Manual and Ship Management System that is continually revised and updated, not only with current accepted procedures and knowledge, but also in response to any real life incidents encountered on our vessels, whether large or small.

Our crews are first aid trained, so in the event of an incident at sea we can handle most foreseeable eventualities. We have a comprehensive first aid kit as well as oxygen and oxygen delivery kits for dealing with diving or in water related injuries. There are Automated Electronic Defibrillators (AED’s) that are prominently displayed in public areas on all vessels. There are hull breach kits. There are multiple permanent and portable water pumps that can be used to remove water in the event of a breach or fire and there is personal protective firefighting equipment to keep our crew as safe as possible in the event they need to fight fire. To assist in the event that we need to use any of our first aid training and equipment we have emergency action plans for foreseeable eventualities.

To ensure this equipment and procedure are not wasted, we also carry out drills with the crews, as you may have seen if they have been on-board with us previously, including:

  • Fire
  • Hull Breach
  • Abandon Ship / Muster Stations (Lifejackets)
  • Man overboard
  • Underwater diver recall

Below are links to each of our boat losses that explain the incident itself, along with information on what was done at the time and lessons learned and put into practice in the aftermath. It is worth noting that in the aftermath to all these incidents all guests were directly refunded, offered alternative cruises with Siren Fleet, or alternative options based on land or other operator’s vessels. Also, our vessels are obviously fully insured and so staff and guests who were unlucky enough to lose personal items in the incidents received compensation from our insurers

Mandarin Siren 2011
Oriental Siren 2012
Truk Siren 2015

Also of note is the fact that through these incidents we did not suffer any major injuries or deaths and we firmly believe that it is our policies, procedures and training that are the major reason behind this.

If you have require further information or have any questions on this matter then please just ask and we will be happy to respond,

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