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    Spawning Trips

    Full Moon and New Moon spawning adventures with Unique Dive Expeditions!

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Palau Siren Spawning Trips

Certain times per year, during Full Moon and New Moon, the Palau Siren teams up with Sam's Tours' Unique Dive Expeditions to offer you something truly exceptional in Palau!

Join the Palau Siren on these special cruises and you will have a chance to witness one of the most spectacular natural events on earth, the spawning aggregations of the Bumphead Parrotfish (Bolbomeotpon Muricatum) and the Red Snapper (Lutjanus Bohar).







Cardinal eggs

Cardinal eggs

Palau Spawning Trips

Full moon trips

When diving at Full Moon, you will experience tens of thousands of Red Snappers rise up from the deep and aggregate to start their mating manoeuvres in a spectacle full of energy and excitement while they change their colours from red to white. Not surprisingly, these huge aggregations also attract the biggest predators in Palau such as Bull Sharks, Oceanic Blacktip Sharks, and Hammerheads. Watch how they hunt actively within the large school of spawning Red Snappers. It is something only a select few people ever get to witness and you can now be one of them!

2019 Full Moon Trip

2020 Full Moon Trip

1 – 11 March 2020 (FULL)

2021 Full Moon Trip

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New moon trips

During the New Moon dives, you will witness hundreds of Bumphead Parrotfish aggregating to start their noisy climatic mating dance! With loud bangs male Bumpheads bump their heads together like buffaloes to gain superiority over females with colour changes taking place as the fish prepare to spawn – it is not a surprise they have oversized foreheads! “From the deep, rising from the sandy bottom to the surface like a firework display, the fish release their gametes into the water column over and over again.
A truly unique spectacle!”

2019 New Moon Trips

25 June - 5 July 2019 (FULL)
23 - 30 September 2019 (FULL)
20 - 30 October 2019 (FULL)

2020 New Moon Trips

8 - 15 December 2020 (FULL)

2021 New Moon Trips

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‘Blackwater’ diving

For Night Dive lovers, Unique Dive Expeditions have pioneered ‘Blackwater’ diving in Palau.

Imagine rolling off the boat in the pitch black of night, sometimes many miles away from the shallow water of the reefs, to watch one of the largest migrations on earth as all manner of weird and wonderful creatures from the depths head closer to the surface to feed. From post larval fish to Cephalopods, many smaller than your finger nail, these amazing dives present some of weirdest creatures you are ever likely to see without a submarine.

Exclusive in-depth knowledge

For your interest and understanding, Unique Dive Expeditions (UDE) will deliver a number of presentations about the super special Spawning and Blackwater dives. These talks will cover everything from the ecology of these events to how to best photograph them. You will be split into 2 teams of 8 with UDE taking only 8 divers to these remarkable events each day, thereby maximising the experience and ensuring that we only observe, not interfere with, this spectacular behaviour. Please note, however, that these dives are only for the experienced diver (min. 50 logged dives) as there can often be very strong currents at the sites where the action is happening.

About Unique Dive Expeditions

Spawning dives and Blackwater dives are organised and joined by members of Unique Dive Expeditions (UDE), which is run by a diverse team and focuses on marine research. Fish aggregations - both old and new - have their special interest. Unique Dive Expeditions, powered with extensive knowledge of where the action of these natural phenomena happens, is happy to share this with our Palau Siren guests. UDE ensures you are at the right place, at the right moment, so you too can witness these spectacular events.

Paul Collins and Richard Barnden - Palau Spawning Trip, Palau Siren

Paul Collins and Richard Barnden - Palau Spawning Trip, Palau Siren

About the Palau Siren

The 40 metre S/Y Palau Siren luxury liveaboard was launched in July 2012 to offer year-round diving trips in Palau.

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