Palau Siren

Wireless Internet Access

In these days of 24 hour wireless internet connectivity, Palau can almost be considered an oddity.

Keeping you in touch

With limited general access across the islands and absolutely no roaming data available at all, your connection to the outside world is almost non-existent. To allow our guests to keep in touch with loved ones and to be able to make friends and colleagues jealous by uploading their exploits to social media, Palau Siren now offers high speed wifi satellite internet access for all guests. We have three packages available and you can save now by pre-booking your packages before even leaving for your trip.

Internet charges


$70.00 USD
$60.00 USD


$175.00 USD
$150.00 USD


Only available when pre-booked.
Price: 300 USD

Palau Siren Internet

Please note that prior to boarding you are strongly recommended to manage your device settings to ensure that your data traffic is not being used for processes such as application updates, file downloads, and so on.

You can find hints and tips on handling your data onboard here.

Please be aware that, unlike fibre optic and 3G/4G mobile internet, connectivity can be affected by weather as well as our satellite provider KVH. Palau Siren crew and management cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience, loss of income, data, or information which may arise due to the lack of the service or incorrectly configured devices.

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