Benefits of Scuba Diving


1. Increases emotional well being

Have you ever heard the theory that watching aquariums is incredibly relaxing? So imagine how calming it would be to actively observe the underwater environment while being in it physically.from inside! There is also evidence that the type of marine life observed can make a difference. Authors of the study suggest that we were more affected by images of colorful, tropical fish and higher levels of biodiversity.
Being underwater brings you back to feeling like you are in your mother’s womb, which increases the feelings of security, happiness and well-being. Moreover, having a calm mind helps achieving a positive mental attitude and reduces the feelings of depression. 

2. Improves blood circulation

While being underwater, your body is exposed to a pressure gradient. All your body muscles are working simultaneously and require oxygen to do so, so your blood vessels open in order to bring that oxygen to the muscles.

3. Helps to relieve stress

The breathing techniques we use while diving are similar to the ones we use whilst meditating. Focusing on watching the underwater life distracts your mind from ‘day to day’ issues, so allowing your brain to forget about everything else for the duration of the dive. This helps to enable our body and central nervous system to restore its natural balance.

4. Improves concentration capacity

By simultaneously keeping your balance while swimming with paying attention to your environment, your brain improves its concentration and awareness.

5. Reduces blood pressure

The warming up of our body plus the slow and deep breaths used whilst diving, help to reduce our blood pressure. Many studies show that those who dive regularly are less likely to be prone to strokes and heart attacks.

6. Increases strength and flexibility of your muscles

Diving is a real physical fitness work out! All your different muscle areas tend to work more underwater due to the resistance of the water.

7. Visit paradisiacal places

Most of the time we choose warm destinations for our diving holiday trips and with this come great new experiences and positive things for our body and mind!

8. Healing effects of salty water and sun on skin and bones

Seawater is particularly beneficial to the skin, increasing its elasticity and improving its outer appearance. At the same time, sunlight gives a boost to your vitamin D levels that are essential for the absorption of calcium in the bones to make them healthier and stronger. Vitamin D does not only increase the rate of absorption of calcium, it also helps the cells pass calcium to each other. This higher absorption rate of calcium helps to keep the bones healthy and strong. Exposure to sunlight also helps to increase endorphin production within our brains, which generates feelings of joy and happiness.

9. Connection with nature

Diving brings you closer to nature, literally and figuratively speaking. Divers tend to appreciate nature more than non-divers would and are most excited to feel part of the underwater world.

10. Builds long lasting friendships

When you go diving, you will meet like-minded individuals who share a common passion and this make you feel being part of a community. Whenever you are on a liveaboard or diving from shore, it is always easy to make friends and meet new people. Moreover, diving promotes camaraderie, equality and empowerment.

11. Feeling of freedom

The feeling of being weightless and free from any physical impairment.

12. Increases your confidence and self esteem

Diving also improves our self-perception due to the fact that scuba diving happens in an environment that is different from ours – the sea – and being able to handle it makes you feel confident and fulfilled!

So imagine how relaxing and regenerating a diving holiday will be while sojourning on a liveaboard?

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