Dive Insurance

Siren Fleet works in partnership with DiveAssure who offer a selection of competitively priced dive and travel insurance policies, including short term and multiple trip policies.

DiveAssure’s ‘Dive & Travel Plus’ insurance plan has been specifically developed for liveaboard diving holidays to provide cover above and beyond standard travel insurance. For example, missing your liveaboard departure due to a flight delay or missed travel connection, and lost diving days due to illness of a fellow passenger, mechanical breakdown of the ship, inclement weather conditions, etc.

All packages include cancellation insurance, which is valid from the date of purchase. So, whether you are travelling next week or in two year’s time, you can book your cover today and enjoy the peace of mind having insurance can bring. Opting for an “Annual Multi-trip” policy will also ensure that you are fully covered for any non-diving related travel of not longer than 42 days.


DiveAssure Diving Insurance

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