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Palau General Information

Weather and water temperature

Average max. air temperatur in degrees C Average min. air temperatur in degrees C

Palau weather

Palau is 7 degrees north of the equator and enjoys a warm tropical climate year round. Temperatures average 27°C (82°F) and as a tropical island Palau is subject to rainfall throughout the year though more frequently between July and October. Diving is excellent year around though the peak season is considered to be November through May.

Average max. water temperatur in degrees C (Note: Avg. min. varies little)

Palau water

The warm tropical waters of Palau are pleasant throughout the year averaging 27°C (82 °F). Most guests will find a 3mm shortie or even a skin suit is appropriate, though if you feel the cold easily you may wish to opt for a 3-5mm long suit.

Palau Travel   Tank Ruins

Palau Travel Tank Ruins

Palau Travel   Fighter Plane Wreck

Palau Travel Fighter Plane Wreck

Palau   Beautiful Island Chain

Palau Beautiful Island Chain

Palau Travel   A Historic Wartime Gun

Palau Travel A Historic Wartime Gun

Palau   Wonderful Tropical Beaches

Palau Wonderful Tropical Beaches

Palau From The Air

Palau From The Air

Money matters

The US Dollar is the official currency of Palau (USD).

The majority of established hotels, shops and restaurants accept major credit cards or travelers cheques. Occasionally smaller, family-run business will only accept cash. There are several US operated banks and plenty of ATMs so cash is readily accessible, however the rate of exchange is very poor and guests would be advised to change money prior to arrival in Palau.

Time Zone

The local time in the Republic of Palau is +9 hours UMC (GMT).

Palau – General Info

General and Diving Health

Health care is readily available in Palau. The Belau National Hospital is a professionally staffed hospital with an experienced barotraumas team. Follow normal precautions with food whilst travelling to prevent stomach upsets and be sure to drink bottled water only. On board Palau Siren you will find a fully stocked first aid kit, AED and medical grade O2. Basic supplies will be made available to you, if you require medication please ask your cruise director. For diving related emergencies there is a recompression chamber in Koror. Speedboat evacuation from the Palau Siren may be necessary thus diving specific insurance is a must on any liveaboard dive trip.


Palauan and English are the official languages of the Republic of Palau, though you may hear Tagalog, Japanese and Mandarin too.


The population is predominantly Christian and there is approximately 10% of the population adhering to traditional Palauan customs. We recommend our guests are respectful and wear suitable attire when making island tours or visiting religious buildings.

Getting there

Getting there



Palau Tours

Palau Tours



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